The Everyday Elrods


Once upon a time I had two blogs; Elrods Go Disney, where I chronicled all of my family’s Disney vacations and gave Disney news and advice to those that seek it, and Note from Neverland, a blog where I chronicled everything else…the good, the bad, and the boring of our everyday life. However, two kids in combination with small group, mom’s group, play dates, church, husband loving, family time, housecleaning, schedule keeping, and more, More, MORE!…life just became, well, hectic. Blogging, left in the dust of the days’ undone. Til one day I said, “Simplify it!” Simplify it I have, and simplifying it, I am. Daily. On many levels. Combining my two blogs into one is just one of the ways. So here you go, my friends. Note from Neverland, meet Elrods Go Disney. They are not separate in my world, so they shall no longer be separate in the cyber world. And that my friends, brings me a big sigh of relief.

And so she lived happily ever after.

With love, Malorie

Links to my Everyday Elrods posts in order of most recent to not so recent at all:

1.19.15 Elrods Go Adoption: My Heart. Our Story.

1.17.15 Here We GROW Again: Growth Chart Order Form

5.7.14 Summer of ReFUNishing

4.9.14 Our Own Little Tee-Tee, I mean, Tiki Room

1.16.14 One Month In

12.8.13 Lorelai’s Room

11.12.13 All My Ing-ings

10.18.13 Get Funky:The Christmas Funk

9.25.13 Sunshine and Roses

9.15.13 Happy Anniversary, I Will Stay with You

8.28.13 Ten Cups of Coffee: 8 DAYS!

8.21.13 The Best of Both Worlds

7.29.13 A Girl Parade

7.8.13. Home Sweet Home on Indiana Ave.

6.10.13 TMI: We’re Tired

5.26.13 Today, We’re Making a Mess!

4.22.13 A Thankful Monday Ramble

3.26.13 Spousal Dating: Top Chef Style

3.16.13 Dost My Eyes Deceive Me?

3.13.13 Mommy the Martyr: Lesson on Boundaries

1.14.13 Monday Mommy Rambles

1.10.13 Belated Birthday Boy

1.8.13 Nehemiah 6:3 and a Little Elrod Transparency

12.8.12 A Home for the Holidays

12.4.12 Merry Upcycling

11.22.12 Happy Thanksgiving!

11.16.12 Fireside Talks

11.12.12 Committing to the Ladder in the Corner

11.10.12 It’s Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

11.8.12 “Who helps you do big things?”

11.7.12 Time Flies When You’re Growing Up Cole

11.4.12 Stirring Up a Vampire Again

10.30.12 Elrods Go Halloween

9.15.12 Truly in Love

9.10.12 Two Boys at a Park

9.07.12 8-Month-Old Heartbreaker

9.05.12 Mrs. Mug Hates to Sew

8.3.12 Well Hello There

6.14.12 Two Years Old

6.12.12 5 Months

5.29.12 Chalk and Chairs

5.23.12 Busy Bee

5.8.12 Disney in Our Crooked Little House

5.7.12 Four Months

5.3.12 Oh Brother, Who Art Thou?

4.25.12 Ever Wonder?

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